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Greater Manchester Hospital's Specialist Service Examples

Now the decisions are made about the number of single services there will be introduced in Greater Manchester and the four hospitals that will provide specialist abdominal surgery, we have produced this infographic which provides some examples of specialist services that are currently delivered at hospitals in Greater Manchester

examples-of-specialist-services.pngYour hospital and its specialisms

All hospitals specialise in providing certain types of care. Some examples of this are shown in this infographic.


Under Healthier Together, four hospitals in Greater Manchester will provide specialist abdominal surgery. These are Royal Oldham Hospital, Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI), Salford Royal Hospital and Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport.

ALL hospitals will keep their existing specialisms and A&E departments, and they will continue to provide care to their local populations, just like they do now!

For example, Wythenshawe Hospital currently offers burns care and a specialist cystic fibrosis centre. Royal Albert Edward Infirmary and associated hospitals specialises in  orthopaedics and breast screening.. Under Healthier Together all specialisms like this will remain exactly where they are.

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