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How the Shared Single Service Will Work

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Greater Manchester deserves the best healthcare the country has to offer and we are taking steps to ensure that all hospitals will improve and meet the Greater Manchester quality and safety standards, no matter where you are. The new standards will mean an additional 35 consultants recruited across A&E and general surgery and a minimum of 12 hours of consultant cover in A&E seven days a week.

With the Healthier Together proposals, all hospitals across the region will keep their existing specialisms and will continue to provide care to their local populations, just like they do now.

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Our plans for improving hospital care, includes creating four shared ‘single services’. This means that care will be provided by a team of medical staff working together across a number of hospital sites within the single service.  We believe that these changes will save up to 300 more lives every year so wherever you are, your local hospitals will be working together to ensure that you get the very best care.



The North West sector, which takes into account Royal Bolton, Royal Albert Edward Infirmary and Salford Royal will work together to provide a shared single service for specialist abdominal surgery. 

All three hospitals will offer services as normal and will retain all specialisms, but in the future, residents from Wigan, Salford or Bolton needing specialist abdominal surgery such as a bowel resection or an operation to mend a perforated bowel will be taken to Salford Royal. As with every hospital in Greater Manchester, A&E will not be closed, hospitals will continue to provide care to their local populations as they do now - Around 90% of patients attending A&E at hospitals not specialising in emergency abdominal surgery will continue to do so.


Do you want to know a few of the specialisms Bolton, Wigan and Salford offer?

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Residents of Bury, Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale, North Manchester and OIdham will be catered for by the in North East single service.

All four hospitals, Fairfield General, Rochdale Infirmary, North Manchester General and Royal Oldham Hospital, will work together as part of a single service. Care will be provided by a team of medical staff who will work together within the single service.   This means you will be seen more quickly by a senior doctor when you are seriously ill. If you are in need of specialist abdominal surgery in the future, Royal Oldham will provides this as a specialism A&Es will operate as they do now.

If you’d like to know a few of the specialisms of Bury, Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale, North Manchester and Oldham, click here to see our infographic…




The Manchester and Trafford single service will include Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI), Trafford Hospital and Wythenshawe Hospital.  These hospitals will work together to provide care for local patients.

In the future, if you live in Trafford, south or central Manchester and you are in need of specialist or emergency abdominal surgery, you will be taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary to receive specialist care.

For some patients with rare conditions, such as cystic fibrosis, it is important that they are primarily cared for by doctors and nurses who specialise in their condition with the specialist equipment they need. Therefore should a patient with cystic fibrosis have a life threatening general surgical condition general surgeons from the single service team would treat the patient at the specialist cystic fibrosis centre at Wythenshawe Hospital

Want to know some of the specialisms of MRI, Trafford Hospital and Wythenshawe? Take a look at our infographic.


The Southern Sector single service will consist of Tameside Hospital and Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport. Staff will work together across the two sites to ensure that residents will receive the best care while keeping all current specialisms.

In the future, Stepping Hill will also offer abdominal surgery as one of its specialisms to local residents and residents from North Derbyshire and East Cheshire who use services in Greater Manchester.

Patients who are seriously ill will be seen more quickly by a senior doctor and both A&Es will operate as normal.

To see some examples of specialisms that Tameside and Stepping Hill offer, click here to view our infographic.