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What is Healthier Together?





Why is the Healthier Together programme so important?

How Will My Hospital Work?


Our plans for improving hospital care, includes creating four shared ‘single services’. 


What specialisms do our hospitals offer?


All hospitals in Greater Manchester specialise in providing certain types of care and four hospitals will provide specialist abdominal (tummy) surgery.


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Best Care for
Greater Manchester

To make sure the changing needs of local people are met, Healthier Together has been looking at how patients will receive health and care in the future.  The Healthier Together programme is a key part of the wider programme for health and social care reform across Greater Manchester.

There are three parts to the programme:

Primary Care (including GP services)

Joined Up Care

Hospital Care 
(To find out more about the changes to hospital care watch our short video...)

Clinically led by health and social care professionals, the programme aims to provide the best health and care for the people of Greater Manchester. 

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