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Hospital Services

What factors were considered when selecting the four specialist abdominal surgery sites?

How Will My Hospital Work?


Our plans for improving hospital care, includes creating four shared ‘single services’. 


What specialisms do our hospitals offer?


All hospitals in Greater Manchester specialise in providing certain types of care and four hospitals will provide specialist abdominal (tummy) surgery.


How hospital services
could change

Best care for me

"Knowing that my patients will get the specialist care they need in an emergency"

To provide the best care for you and your family, hospital services need to change

Greater Manchester has some of the best hospitals in the country. However, not all patients experience the best care all of the time.

There is strong evidence to suggest that for the sickest patients who need emergency general surgery in Greater Manchester, the risk of dying may be twice as likely at some of our hospitals compared to others.


We know that the best results are seen when hospital care is delivered by experienced doctors and nurses working together in a close team. However, there is a shortage of the most experienced doctors in important services such as A&E and general surgery. This means that some hospitals do not have enough staff.

Only a third of our hospitals can make sure that a consultant (the most qualified and experienced doctor) surgeon operates on the sickest of patients every time. Similarly only a third of our hospitals can make sure that a consultant is present in A&E, 16 hours a day, seven days a week.


We also know that patients are more likely to die in the evenings and at weekends when fewer doctors are available.

We believe that this is not acceptable and that all patients deserve the safest and highest quality of care. That’s why over the past two years, senior doctors and nurses across Greater Manchester have developed and agreed over 500 quality and safety standards. These standards are designed to make sure all patients receive reliable and effective care every time. Currently, no hospital in Greater Manchester meets all these quality and safety standards.

Our proposals for how hospital services could change

The changes that are happening in primary care and integrated care will mean fewer people needing to go to hospital.

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How will these changes improve care?

In Greater Manchester we have already changed the way we treat some specialist conditions. For things that you may only experience once in a lifetime such as stroke and major trauma, there is evidence that putting these services onto a smaller number of hospital sites has saved lives and improved patient care and we want to do more of this.

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Pat's Story, from Manchester

"Doctors said I made a full recovery because I was taken quickly to the specialist stroke centre at Salford Royal, which meant they could spot and treat my stroke as soon as possible.” 

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How hospitals will work together

Every local General and Specialist hospital will have:

  • an A&E department and only the very sickest patients will go to a Specialist Hospital;
  • an acute medical unit caring for adults who need to receive care from hospital teams;
  • general surgery operations for adults (high-risk surgery will be provided at Specialist Hospitals);
  • screening, diagnostic tests and outpatient appointments;
  • rapid-access clinics for urgent surgical assessment by a consultant.
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