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"Knowing the council and the NHS will work together to look after mum."

What do we mean by joined up care?

Joined up care, or integrated care means different health services and care services working together, with services delivered locally where possible.

Why are we joining up care?

People have told us they do not feel like the health and care system works well for them. The system is complicated and delivered in an unco-ordinated way. Health and care professionals often work independently instead of together to look after patients.

Working Together Joined Up Care Illustration.jpg"Some services which are currently delivered in hospitals would be better delivered in the community."

Making changes to primary care and community-based care will allow us to support people and communities to be healthy, independent and in control of their lives.

What we want to achieve through joined up care

We want to make sure services work together to support you and your family. Organisations across Greater Manchester including the NHS, local councils, voluntary organisations and other public-sector organisations, are working together to deliver more joined-up health and care. The coming together of services that were previously fragmented will improve the quality and experience of care for people. They are focusing on four critical areas.

Prevention and early intervention

We want to prevent people from getting ill and needing health and care services in the first place. When people do have health and social care needs, we want to deal with issues as soon as possible to stop matters getting worse.

Supporting people to look after themselves

We want to support people to take control of their own health and care needs. We will give people the knowledge and advice they need to help them stay healthy and independent.

Creating a single point of contact

We are streamlining the way people access health and care services. This will prevent people having to speak to a number of different organisations, and fill in a number of forms.

Setting up locally-based teams

New teams are being formed across Greater Manchester that will work together to join up services that are involved with a person’s care.

Community based care for children

What do we mean by community-based care?

The term community-based care is a broad term which describes all of the care that people receive outside of the hospital setting, such as district nursing services and home care.


Hospitals are not always the best places for children and their carers. In Greater Manchester we already have some excellent community health services that help children and their families to manage long-term conditions, like asthma and diabetes, in familiar surroundings and at home. However, this is not the case for all of Greater Manchester.

We want to improve community-based care so that fewer children need to go to hospital. This means that some services currently provided in hospitals will be provided in the community. We have developed care to allow children in Greater Manchester to access community-based care, including children’s community nurses, when they need it.

"Specialist doctors and nurses will work with children and their families in the community, to avoid visits to hospitals."


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