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How primary
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Best care for us
"Being able to see a GP when we need to."

What do we mean by Primary care?

Primary care refers to the services you get from GP surgeries, as well as dentists, pharmacists and optometrists.

 Why primary care needs to change

For most people in Greater Manchester, contact with health and social-care services begins with a visit to the GP. People have told us they want to be able to see a GP more easily, at a time that suits them.

In Greater Manchester, we are committed to improving and expanding primary care. We have developed challenging standards and we are committed to working to deliver them over the next two years. We are making good progress, with a number of areas in Greater Manchester already benefitting from some of the new and extended services.

Our plans describe:

  • a movement of patient care away from hospitals into local primary and community care services,
  • a significant increase in investment in primary and community care; and
  • changes to the way we use information technology.

"We are transforming GP and other primary care services to improve availability, make better use of technology and improve the quality of care for you and your family."

Transforming GP and other primary care services illustration.jpg

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)  are working in each area of Greater Manchester to deliver these plans in a way which fits best with local circumstances. New services are being designed around local needs and are being introduced alongside other changes described in this document. The plans will be informed by the Greater Manchester Primary Care Strategy, together with guidance from national professional bodies and other expert sources.

We are developing investment programmes in each area, to take into account local plans. £20 million has been allocated next year to support these developments in primary care, with further investment scheduled over the following years.

The primary care standards

All of our plans will focus on supporting people in managing their own health and in making the most of the role of the full primary care system.

Our key aims for primary care include:

  • by the end of 2015, everyone living in Greater Manchester who needs medical help, will have same-day access to primary care services, supported by diagnostics tests, seven days a week;
  • by the end of 2015, people with long-term, complex or multiple conditions such as diabetes and heart disease will be cared for in the community where possible, supported by a care plan which they own;
  • community-based care will focus on joining up care with social care and hospitals, including sharing electronic records which residents will also have access to; and
  • by the end of 2016, residents will be able to see how well GP practices perform against local and national measurements.

We believe that if primary care services are improved, it will help you and your family stay healthy and independent. By improving access, you will be able to see a GP more easily. This will mean less chance of people developing the kind of serious illness that needs hospital treatment.

Delivering these plans will mean a joint effort from all those involved in commissioning and designing the primary care system. The Greater Manchester CCGs and NHS England commissioners will continue to work together to make sure the best care is provided to everyone living in Greater Manchester.

"Changes to primary care services allow us to consider changes to hospital services especially for A&E and children’s services."


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