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What Healthier Together Means For You and Your Area

How Will My Hospital Work?


Our plans for improving hospital care, includes creating four shared ‘single services’. 


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What Healthier Together means for you and your family

During the summer and autumn of 2014, Healthier Together held a Greater Manchester and surrounding area wide consultation. In order to meet the demands being placed on the NHS in Greater Manchester, we proposed changes to the way healthcare works including:


With many of our hospitals failing, the clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) across Greater Manchester came together three years ago ago deciding that no change was no longer an option. Healthier Together spent the time between now and 2014 putting together proposals for a sustainable NHS in Greater Manchester that can also become one of the best healthcare systems in the UK. 

Our vision is also backed by clinical standards based on the best available evidence to make sure that quality improves wherever care is being delivered, whether that is close to home, in emergencies, or in situations where specialist treatment is needed. Put simply, everyone will understand where, when and how they can access the support they need and that this support will be available at the right times and in the right places. 

To find out more about the potential changes to where you are, click on the name of your region on the right. 

While the consultation is now closed, we are looking at every single response of the tens of thousands we received from across Greater Manchester and surrounding areas so we can provide the best possible healthcare service while taking your views and needs into account.