Healthier Together

Why Change: Finance

How much do we spend on hospital care in Greater Manchester?

The NHS in Greater Manchester spends around £1.9 billion each year on hospital services.

The Healthier Together project does not cover all of the services provided by all hospitals. For the specific services covered by the project – A&E, acute medicine and general surgery, the amount of money currently spent is £600M (£700M if critical care costs are included).

How much will hospitals need to spend on Healthier Together?

It is likely that we will need to spend some money on the hospital buildings in order to ensure there are enough beds available at specialist hospitals. It is estimated that between £25M and £50M will need to be spent.

Healthier Together also anticipates a need to spend money on staff training and travel, IT costs and implementation costs and have estimated that these costs will be around £12M.

Will Healthier Together plug the financial gap?

Although Healthier Together could save hospitals about £30M, it is estimated that there will still be a financial shortfall of about £250M in 5 years time, i.e. without further action, hospitals will be spending a greater amount of money than they actually receive.  Other changes will need to be made in order to save this money and hospitals are already planning how they might do this.

The really important point to note is that the Healthier Together project is about making sure patients are treated in the right place at the right time by the right person so that they stand the best possible chance of getting better.  It is not about saving money – Healthier Together only saves a relatively modest amount of money compared with the amount that hospitals need to save, however the number of lives saved could be around 1,000 to 1,500 over five years.


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